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My New Vacuum

April 17, 2009

hoover-whisper-cyclonic-vacuumI had what I considered to be a great vacuum which I inherited from my parents. It was self propelled so it moved very easily without much effort. As a matter of fact my cousin could push it around the floor when she was 3 years old. Yes I hated the job so much I’d let her “play” with my vacuum whenever she came over. Don’t laugh, it worked. I got a clean floor and she had fun. I’m sad to say that vacuum had to be replaced after 18 years. It had a bag that needed to be changed every couple of years (yes it took that long for me to fill it up) and we had to cut the fabric the last time it was replaced. This caused the bag to inflate and puff out the back whenever it was used which would resulted in the bag popping a hole very easily and blowing dirt all over me. When I realized I had to replace it I wanted a bagless but there are so many to choose from in many different price ranges I was getting a headache trying to decide. I researched the internet, read reviews, pros and cons and finally settled on the one of my dreams.

My criteria for a replacement:

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Onboard storage for attachments
  • Canister easy to empty
  • Didn’t wear out after 1 month
  • Didn’t need the filters to be replaced every month

I chose was a Hoover Whisper Cyclonic Upright Vacuum. The canister looks large but I found out after using it the first time to watch the full line which is only about ½ of the canister. If you let it get too full the carpet fibers and dirt can be more difficult to remove. One of the hints I found in reading the reviews is to use a plastic bag as a glove to remove the dirt. I actually put the bottom of the canister into the bag and reach inside using the bottom of the bag the dirt out if needed. I have allergies and asthma and I can say so far this method hasn’t caused me any problems or triggered an asthma attack. One of the tips I read but haven’t done yet is to wipe the inside of the canister with a fabric softener sheet to prevent static which can cause the dirt to adhere to the inside of the bag which makes it more difficult to remove.

This vacuum does have a small crevice attachment and another attachment with the soft brush for dusting which the brush can be removed, with some prying, so it can be used on fabrics and furniture. I have 2 dogs and it does get the hair off the couch easily but the attachment tends to rotate when you don’t want it to. I’ve found holding the wand where the attachments attach prevents this from happening. There is also a button to shut off the roller on the bottom for vacuuming area rugs and hard surfaces. This prevents the edges from getting sucked into the roller.

I don’t have any stairs so I can’t say how it would be to carry it up and down but for a one story home this works great and I’m happy I chose this one. Well, as happy as anyone can get over a vacuum cleaner.

Photo Credit: Walmart
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