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Some Things Shouldn’t Be Ordered Online

April 23, 2009

I’m not ashamed to admit I do buy a lot of things over the internet.  Amazon is my friend.  If you can’t find it anywhere else check with Amazon and you’re bound to find it there.  With that said there are still some things I won’t buy online.  Shoes are one of them.  I just discovered something else I won’t buy online, a spice rack.

I had a plastic and wire basket on my counter holding all my spices and I got tired of having them fall over and never looking neat so I decided to get a spice rack.  I didn’t want one with the jars included because that meant more work of having to fill them.  I’m not that anal that all the jars have to be the same, I’m OK with the spices in their original jars.  I don’t even care if they’re not all McCormick or Astor.  A mish mosh of jars is fine with me.

After looking at Walmart and Target I found the perfect rack on Amazon.  The rack cost $27.45 with free shipping.  It’s made of wood, has 3 shelves and it can sit on the counter or be mounted on the wall.

The description says:

  • Holds 18 jars
  • For use on countertop or on wall
  • Made of Alder wood
  • Easy to dust or wipe clean
  • Functional and well designed

I ordered the rack and it was delivered yesterday and it won’t work as expected.  It’s supposed to hold 18 jars or 6 per shelf.  That’s only if you have the McCormick jars.  As mentioned I have an assortment of brands and most of them are Spice Supreme.  The smaller jars will fit 5 across but only on the top shelf.  They’re about an inch too tall for the other 2 shelves.  The larger jars or the medium size Lowery’s won’t fit on any shelf.

I was going to send it back but decided I’d use it for what I can and look elsewhere for something to supplement it.

My lesson learned from this:  Some things are best seen in person before making a decision to see if it will actually work for you.

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