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Quick & Easy Fix For That Sweet Tooth Craving

May 5, 2009

My husband and I are constantly trying to eat healthier; the key word here is trying. The problem is we both like food too much and that sweet tooth crops up more often than we’d like. One thing we started doing a few years ago was have 1 or 2 warm, fresh from the oven, cookies in the evening. That’s sort of our reward for a good day.

Before you go thinking I finally made it to full Domestic Goddess status I have to say “no, I do not make the cookies from scratch.” I buy the Pillsbury Big Deluxe ready to bake cookies. Our favorite is Peanut Butter Cup. The package says to bake them at 350 for 14-18 minutes. Since I use the toaster oven I had to play around with the temperature and time a bit to get it right.

My toaster oven has a 15 minute timer so I have the temp set around 275 and turn the timer to the full 15 minutes. While it’s heating I put foil over the broiler pan (no clean up this way) and put 2 or 4 cookies on the foil. The amount depends on how good we were during the day or how bad our sweet craving is. By the time I put the pan in the oven there’s about 12-13 minutes left on the timer. When it dings I remove and let it sit for about 20 minutes. We now have nice warm cookies and the chocolate and peanut butter is melted and gooey. I have to admit I like my cookies soft so if you want yours a little harder you may need to increase the temp or cook a little longer.

If I were a true Domestic Goddess I’d make my cookies from scratch and freeze the unbaked dough. That way, when we want our warm, fresh from the oven cookies I could 2 or 4 and let them thaw before baking or increase baking time to accommodate frozen dough. I got this idea from a friend of mine who always has freezer bags full of homemade cookie dough for emergencies. Everybody knows a chocolate craving can be a true emergency

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