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I’m Hooked on Weight Watchers Yogurt

May 18, 2009

I’m a very picky eater.  I don’t like cooked green vegetables, actually the only cooked vegetables I’ll eat is corn (whole kernel not creamed), mushrooms  and…..and…..well, that’s about it.  I do eat raw cabbage, lettuce, turnips, peas, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and….and….well, that’s about it.  As I said, I’m picky.  I wish I liked vegetables then I might not have a weight problem.  Actually, I don’t really like any food that’s supposed to be healthy and good for you.  I guess you could say I’m a meat and potatoes person and pasta and chips and dips.

I’ve tried eating healthy and I envy people that eat yogurt for lunch so about 15 years ago I gave it a try.  I tried all the brands and styles of yogurt there were, fruit on the bottom, custard style, already mixed.  Sorry, they were OK but nothing I’d think to grab when I was hungry.  That changed last year when I discovered Weight Watchers Yogurt.  These yogurts actually have flavor and a LOT of it.  It’s is so good I forget it’s healthy and actually enjoy eating it.

My favorite is Amaretto Cheesecake, Cherry Cheesecake (notice a pattern here) and White Chocolate Raspberry.  I’ve also tried the Key Lime Pie and enjoyed it just not as much as the others.  I still have to try the Lemon Cream Pie and Boston Cream Pie.  They also have other flavors such as Peach, Raspberry, Black Cherry, Vanilla and Strawberry but I can’t get past the other ones to try these yet.

At around 100 calories each 6 ounce carton or 1 point if you’re into that it’s not a bad choice plus the cost is great.  Where I shop they’re $.50 for a 6 ounce carton.  If you haven’t tried them yet I suggest you run right out and buy at least 1 or 4.  I promise you won’t be sorry and your mouth will be watering for more.

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