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All Pasta is Not Created Equal

June 11, 2009

Next week is the last day of our cooking class.  They’re going to be having two more 6 week sessions and we decided we’re having so much fun we’re going to be signing up for those also.

Today was Italian day.  Chef Michael, our instructor had his wife come in to teach this class.  She’s Italian and only makes her sauces from scratch. No Ragu or Prego for this woman.  The one thing we learned today that stands out is that different pastas have different functions.  Betcha didn’t know that did you.

Yes, each different type of pasta has a distinctive shape and size based on what type of dish it’s to be in, what it’s suppose to do and how it grabs the sauce.  Shells are good for trapping the sauce inside of it.  Same for penne pasta.  Spaghetti noodles are good for marinara sauce,  fettuccini are good for white sauces and the little bitty noodles that look like stars or rice are good for soups since they’d get lost in a thicker sauce.

I guess the one thing to take away from this, if a recipe calls for a certain type or shape pasta there’s a good reason for it.

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