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The BEST Stain Remover

June 12, 2009

I have a friend, actually I do have more than one, but my friend Linda is a treasure trove of information.  If you’ve got a problem or question she’s got the answer whether it’s medical or domestic.  In my opinion she’s should be nicknamed Heloise.

Every once in a while Linda will send an email with some helpful tip she just read and I received one today.  After I received her email I had this brilliant, well I thought it was brilliant, to ask Linda to join me in this blog and I’d give her access to post.  Do you believe she turned me down.  Even after I threatened to post her emails if she said no she still turned me down BUT she gave me permission to use any of her ideas.  With that said I’m sticking to my original threat and I’m going to post her email.  Sorry Linda, I warned you.

Linda’s tip for today is stain removal:

From: ************

Date: 6/12/2009 3:51:15 PM

To: ************

Subject: stain remover

I just found the BEST stain remover…it  gets out blood, wine, and old grease stains…honestly’s GOOP, you know, that hand cleaner?  Really try it it’s great!  It even took out baby burp up stains from my T shirt that had already gone through the dryer.    You do have to wait at least 20 mins but it is worth the wait!  Linda

So there you have it, Linda’s first post on my blog.  I knew I could get her to do it and she didn’t even have to work at it.

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