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The Ultimate Fly Eliminator

June 27, 2009

Last month we were dealing with ants but we seem to have that problem under control with the use of our dish soap & water mixtureFly Swatter_2.  This month we’re dealing with flies.  Yes those little winged pests that buzz around your head and see you coming from 100 paces so you can never catch them.

We figured they’re coming in when we let the dogs in and out.  To get to the backyard you have to go through the garage so we’ve been closing the door between the house and garage before we open the outside door but they still sneak in on us.  We’ve tried finding those “No Pest Strips” but haven’t found them around here so we’re stuck with that long strip of fly paper.  You know the ones they’re in a tube and unroll to about 2 feet long. Not do you have to find a place to hang them so you won’t get your head stuck on it when walking in the dark but you have to see those flies stuck to the paper.  That is if the things actually worked worth a darn.

We’ve had a strip of fly paper up for about a week and we’ve moved it 3 times.  We caught nothing on the first day, a moth on the second and finally after a week there were about 6 flies on there.  Today I found the ultimate fly eliminator, an old fashioned $0.50 fly swatter.  With one in hand Don killed about 6 flies in 10 minutes and we’ve killed about 20 within the last 6 hours.  That’s over 3 times as many as that fly strip got in a week.

So, my tip for today.  Don’t waste your money on expensive or inexpensive fly paper and strips, they don’t really get rid of the flies and they’re ugly to look at.  Drop a buck on 2 fly swatters and you can take out your frustrations, get exercise and kill flies at the same time.  Believe me, it works

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