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Simple Non Toxic Fly Repellent

August 19, 2009

water bag

If you’ve been here before you probably know I have a problem with flies in my house. Well, a problem is an understatement. We’re getting dive bombed during dinner and every evening after dinner Don opens the kitchen curtains, turns out the lights, pulls up a chair and grabs our nifty 50 cent fly swatter. For the record, fly swatters are a lot flimsier than they were when I was a kid. Anyway, back to my story. He’ll sit there for about 15 minutes swatting and cackling. He usually kills anywhere from 10-20 flies in each session.

Now you might think we must have garbage all over the house to attract that many flies. No, sorry we don’t. Those little suckers come into the garage when we let the dogs in and out. They come in the garage when we come home from the grocery store and unload the car. They sit in the garage in wait for us to open the inside door and they swarm into the house. I know they’re attracted to light so we try not to turn the garage light on when we let the dogs in and out but that’s rather hard to do at night because we close the inside door quickly and there’s only 1 tiny window in there so we can’t see where we’re going and well, you know garages, there’s a lot of stuff to bump into and trip over. So, every evening Don kills most of the flies and the next day they all come back.

While at a friends one evening for dinner we were complaining about those awful flies and the wife said someone had told her to hang a plastic bag of water on the door. That set off something in my memory. When I was doing homecare I’d see patients with baggies of water hanging off their doorknobs, mailboxes or from the outside lights. When asked why they said it keeps flies away.

Willing to try anything I did some research and found several places where that method was talked about and every article I read with the exception of 1 said it worked so I filled 2 small baggies half way with water and taped one to the outside back garage door and 1 in the garage next to the door leading to the house. Those bags have been there 3 days now and our fly population had been drastically reduced. We still get a few but I think they’re coming in from the front door and from the overhead garage door when we open that.

Now that I know it works I’m going to fix one for outside the front door. Yes, I was hesitant to hang one in the front so the neighbors wouldn’t laugh when it didn’t work but I’m over that now. We also have to figure a way to get one by the overhead door. I’m thinking of hanging it from the ceiling but I really think it should be outside. Something about the light reflecting off the movement of the water or the water magnifying everything that scares the flies and keeps them away. Hey, I don’t care how it works, just that it works is good enough for me.

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  1. August 27, 2009 7:20 pm

    What an easy, “green” solution to cutting down on those pesky flies. Thanks for sharing! For some odd reason this year, the flies seem to think my house is party central.

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