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Easy Chicken & Rice or My Experiments With My New Rice Cooker

February 13, 2010

I never really ate rice that much unless it was Rice Krispies or Shrimp Fried Rice.   When I married Don I found out he actually likes rice so my journey with rice began and I found it wasn’t as bad as I use to think it was.

Since I’d heard horror stories of cooking rice just right I opted for minute or instant rice.  I figured the less I had to do the less I could mess up.   Once I was diagnosed with diabetes I found out that long grain rice took longer to metabolize and in the end was easier on the glucose levels so I was forced to actually cook rice the old fashioned way then for Christmas my sister-in-law got us a small rice cooker.  That thing is so easy, yes it’s easier than minute rice.  There’s a measuring cup that you measure the rice in and measurements on the inside bowl for the water.  Just add the amounts you want, press the button and it does all the work for you in about 20 minutes.  It even shuts off and goes to warm when it’s done.  Perfect rice every time.

Yesterday I got creative, well creative for me.  My sister-in-law made a rice dish once that I absolutely loved and could never duplicate. It was simple, chicken broth, rice and chicken.  Better than any Lipton or Rice-a-Roni out there plus it was healthier.  I tried to make it using my instant rice and it had no flavor but yesterday I made it in the rice cooker and it was great.

I had 1 boneless chicken breast in the freezer so I cooked that in 2 cups chicken broth for about an hour until the chicken was falling apart.  After I removed the chicken I noticed the broth had pretty much cooked away so I added another 2 cups and heated it until boiling.  I then added 2 cups of rice to my rice cooker then added the chicken broth until it reached the 2 serving line then added just a bit more since I wanted the rice to be a bit more moist.  I put the lid on and pressed the button.  Since I usually only make 1 cup of rice and was now making 2 cups it took a little longer to cook but when it was done the rice was a nice yellow color and the aroma was out of this world.  I pulled the chicken apart and added it to the rice and tried some for lunch.  It was excellent.   I had enough left over for a side dish to go with the roasted chicken I was making for dinner.  Even Don said it was pretty good.  I really think I’m going to bypass the pre-packed flavored rice and opt for this method from now on.

Maybe next time I make stir fried rice I’ll try making the rice with a broth before hand and see how that added flavor enhances it.

You know, trying to be more domestic is rather fun at times.

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