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My Hate/Hate Relationship With My Stove or Why I Hate Electric Stoves

February 14, 2010

I have a Hate/Hate relationship with my stove, it’s electric.  I grew up with a gas stove and that’s where I learned how to cook.  I can’t get use to the temperature on the range top and the oven, having 2 dials is confusing.

The range top on a gas stove is easy, you watch the burner and can see how high you’ve got the heat.  When you want to lower the heat, lower the flame.  That simple, then when you turn the heat off it’s off and you can leave the pan right where it is with no danger of continued cooking or burning.  If only an electric range top could be that easy but NO.  You first have to decide what the numbers 1-6 might be, then when you want to lower the temperature how long does it really take for the burners to cool off enough.  Not to mention when the directions say to “remove from heat”  you have to manually move the pan from the burner or you will burn, scorch or otherwise ruin perfectly good food.

Now comes the oven.  With the ovens I grew up with when you turn the dial to the right you turned the temperature up and when you turned it to the left you lowered it and the added bonus is when you hit off the dial stops turning.  Same with the rang top dials.  But an electric oven or at least the one that came with our house keeps on turning.  I can’t tell you how many times I thought I turned the burner off only to find it glowing red after dinner because instead of stopping at the off position it continued past that to the highest setting there is.  Then the oven, I’m always forgetting to turn one of the dials off or I turn the temperature dial past the off position and now the temperature’s set at 500+ degrees.

I tell you this Domestic Goddess thing is really getting hard. So much to remember and I hope I can learn it all before I burn the house down.

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