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Sweetened or Unsweetened

February 21, 2010

In our house I do most of the cooking.  I’m not complaining, actually I enjoy cooking and once in a while I’ll try a new recipe or revamp an old one.  Sometimes it’s good other’s……..well let’s just say even the dogs won’t eat it and leave it at that.

Tonight we’re having Lasagna and that’s not something I make.  Don’s the one for the red sauce Italian dishes.  Yes, I know I’ve said I make homemade pizza but Don makes the sauce for me.  He makes in my opinion the best sauce and in turn that makes for the most mouth watering lasagna.  I’m not privy to his recipe yet but one of these days I’m going to get my hands on it and sell it on ebay.   I do know one ingredient though and mentioning it on Facebook has started quite a discussion.  Sugar.  Yes, he puts a little bit of sugar in his sauce to cut the acidity of the tomatoes.  Do you find that strange?  I don’t since my mom use to do the same thing.

Come on fess up, how many of you put sugar, brown sugar or honey in your sauce.  Don’t hide in the shadows anymore.

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