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Housework Is Hazzardous To Your Health

June 15, 2010

I’ve come to the conclusion that housework is a dangerous job especially for someone who’s mother use to say they should have named her Grace because of all the accident’s.

As mom use to say, I was the only person she knew that would fall going upstairs.  I was standing on a chair at work to write on the dry erase board (OK I’m vertically challenged).  When I went to step down from the chair it toppled over with me under it.  Everyone wanted me to do it again the next night for entertainment.  I slammed my own hand in the car door breaking my finger.  But the best was the time I wanted to see what happened in a light socket when you turned it on that made the bulb light.  Did something in there move to make contact with the bulb or what?  So what did I do, I stuck my finger in the socket and turned the switch ignoring the fact that it was still plugged in.  All I have to say is the myth is NOT true, your hair won’t stand on end and you won’t be knocked to the floor.  My finger started tingling and that’s when I realized what I was doing was a NOT a good idea.  After that we were the only house in the neighborhood with electricity during a power outage.

Well, to get to the housework is dangerous story.  A little over a week ago I was vacuuming.  That in itself is dangerous, I mean you can hurt your arm, suck a small dog into the vacuum, just about anything could happen but this happened when the vacuum was turned off.  I went to step over the cord when the top of my left foot caught on the carpet and bent the toes and foot under as I went crashing into the wall.  The pain was terrible and I thought I’d broken a toe.  Yes, I’d broken most of my toes in the past so I know what that feels like.  When the pain got worse over the next few days I went to my doc.  An x-ray and exam later he said he thought I broke my foot.   A bone scan and a week later I went to see a bone doc.  Another x-ray and he tells me I broke not one, not two but three bones in my foot.

They have a note in the exam room that was a reminder to ask the nurse for your school or work excuse.  I asked the doc if I could get an excuse from housework and he was so sweet he said he’d also write one for breakfast in bed.

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