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The Domestic Goddess Strikes Again –

December 29, 2010

Messly OfficeI finally cleaned my desk and the area around it.  I know that probably doesn’t seem like such a big deal but to me it really is.  I have this bad habit of writing things on scraps of paper and then I have to hold onto them in case I need them.

Today I spent a couple of hours going through everything and tossing out what wasn’t needed.   I filed EOB’s for 2010, I filed medical test results that the doc’s office mailed me, I threw out a LOT of paper with scribbles and notes all over them. Yes I did read them first to make sure I wasn’t throwing out anything important.  I even washed the top of my desk, printer, keyboard and monitor.  I took paperback books to the bookcase in the guest room and I packed away the unused Christmas Cards.

I had 1/2 a garbage bag full of, well, garbage and I can honestly say my desk is spotless.  I promise I won’t let it get messy again.  Well, I promise I won’t let it get messy again for a couple of days.  OK, I promise I won’t let it get messy again until tomorrow morning.

Why, you ask did I go on this cleaning spree (a desk for me is a spree)?  We got a small flatscreen TV for the office and since I’ve got the most room on my desk (when it’s not cluttered that is) it’s going to be sitting on MY desk.   I feel so honored.  Now I don’t have to turn around to see the old TV in the entertainment center.  I don’t have to mess around with the TV card in my computer that’s so temperamental it doesn’t always work.  Now I can shift my gaze to the right and see the TV in HD.  I LOVE it.   What’s even better, if I want we can hook my computer up to the TV and I can have dual monitors.

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