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We’re Cooking with WHAT????

April 13, 2011

In cooking class yesterday we cooked wth WEEDS.  Not that the illegal weed but cudzu, dandelions and lavender.  We even made a dish using rose petals.  Talk about channeling my inner Euell Gibbons.


Throughout this cooking class experience I’ve worn my big girl panties and tried everything we’ve made, yes even a few weeks ago when we used whole squid in our dish.  Talk about the yuck factor running amuck through the entire class that day.

Well, when we were told we were cooking with the stuff you find growing on the side of the roads I had my doubts but it really wasn’t that bad and yes the entire menu had at least one odd ingredient.

  • Kudzu Blossom Jelly
  • Kudzu Quiche
  • Rolled Kudzu Leaves
  • Dandelion Greens
  • Red Clover Lemonade
  • Red Clover Salad
  • Rose Petal Rice
  • Chicken with Lavender & Black Figs

The dish I prepared from start to finish (Don did chop up the veggies for me) was the Chicken with Lavender & Black Figs and it was Don’s favorite of the entire meal.  If you’re interested in the recipe hop on over to my other site What’s That Buzz.  I’m sure you’re family will think you’ve gone nuts when you tell them the secret ingredient (but I’d wait until after they ate it before divulging that little fact)

Chicken with Lavendar and Black Figs

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